Q: When will the SpeedSet Belt and Holders be available?

A: The SpeedSet system is available now.  Please visit our Dealer Locator for the dealer near you.

Q: What is the process for getting Test & Evaluate samples?

A: Currently, we are shipping Testing & Evaluation samples to qualifying professionals, if you would like to be considered for a T&E sample then please contact our team at weartest@dutysmith.com

Q: Will my current holster and holders work with the SpeedSet belt?

A: Yes. The SpeedSet belt is designed to work with all standard 2-1/4" duty gear, including holsters and mag cases. You won't get our ratcheting or easy positioning system with your old accessories, but you will get a very comfortable belt and a great load carrying platform.  You can also use our Lock-on Kit to attach your current holsters to our belt rail.

Q: What is your Product Warranty?

A: We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty for all of our products.  The details of our warranty can be found in this PDF